Spotlight: Jotul stoves and fireplaces

wh1If you’re looking for a stove or fireplace that matches top notch craftsmanship with unique Scandi-style, then we highly recommend taking a look at our range of Jotul products.

The history of Jotul

Jotul is a Scandinavian company that develops and creates high quality fireplaces and stoves and has done so since as early as 1853 – making it one of the oldest wood fired stove manufacturers on the planet. They pride themselves on robust craftsmanship that mean that each stove and fireplace adhere to only the finest of standards that have been built up over 160 years of production.

With a rich and illustrious history to draw on, Jotul strike a delicate balance between traditional classic designs that are bold and strong with modern features that make them one of the most popular manufacturers around. However, what truly differentiates Jotul from other manufacturers is that each and every one of their products are handmade in Norway by skilled craftsman.

Cast Iron

Jotul uses only cast iron to create solid and high-performance stoves and fireplaces that are widely established as being some of the most reliable products on the market due to the maximal durability and longevity of the material used. Being crafted in the cold climates of Scandinavia, where temperatures plummet their stoves are carefully designed to give off huge amounts of heat in the colder months of the year.

Jotul provide a wide range of products in varying sizes and have options for multi-fuel, gas, or wood fuel to keep them burning bright. They also come in a variety of styles from traditional homely designs to the stylish and avant-garde.

Smoke control

Many of Jotuls stoves are designed with DEFRA rules in mind. Specific Jotul models are DEFRA approved meeting their strict guidelines which allow owners to burn wood in their stoves, even in designated smoke control zones.

Here at W & H Supplies we stock a large number of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, including appliances from the likes of Aga, Barbas, Dovre Stoves, Jotul, Stovax, Yeoman Stoves and many others. Visit us in store or call us on 01903 885566 to find out more.

Why a personal service is always best

wh2When it comes to products like wood burners, range cookers and fires – there is lots to be said about a personal service. A qualified and knowledgeable retailer can provide you with the very best product advice and assist with installation. Instead of leaving you scratching your head and risking your own health and safety by trying to install a product yourself.

In the modern age of online retail many people now choose to do their shopping online finding bargains and interesting products across the internet that can be delivered straight to their homes. However, here at W&H Supplies we believe that some purchases are best made in person. Here are a few reasons why you should visit our showroom, rather than purchasing a product online.

1 – The opportunity to touch and feel before you commit

Despite the growth of the internet and online shopping, studies show that the vast majority of retail purchases in the UK are still made offline. One of the key reasons for this is that you can’t feel a picture on a screen. At our showroom you can lay your eyes upon beautiful stoves, range cookers, fireplaces and accessories and get a real idea of how they might look in your home – whereas with online purchases it’s all just guesswork.

2 – Knowledge and experience

When you step into our showroom you will be able to draw on the knowledge of our team of experts who have experience with every type of product and discuss your individual requirements to find a product that is most appropriate for your home. This is in stark contrast to purchasing online, where you have no one to ask questions to, or at the very least have long delays in hearing back from them. You can get instant feedback on your questions and either walk away with the perfect product or at least have a better idea of what it is that you really need.

3 – Safety

Another key reason to make your purchase in store is the technical, installation and safety support that our experts can provide. If you purchase a product online from a warehouse far away or second hand than you have no practical means of support when things go wrong. By purchasing locally, you are not only supporting your local economy but can also rest easy that you have a safe appliance in your home and if there are any problems you have dedicated after-support teams to call upon.

4 – Relax and make your decision in your own time

One of the key reasons that many people decide to do their shopping online is that they have a hassle-free experience. Many find that shopping can be a stressful and demanding experience with too much pressure which is why we do our best to make you feel at home. Our staff make sure that every customer feels valued, without any pressure to come to hasty decisions. Unique to W&H Supplies we offer an instore complimentary coffee lounge and children’s play area perfectly arranged for you or your loved ones to take a break, or to sit and chat to one of our members and staffs about your questions and queries should you wish to do so.

W&H Supplies are the largest fireplace showroom in the south. Based near Arundel, West Sussex, we display over 350 fires and surrounds along with range cookers, accessories, mirrors, pictures, ornaments, kitchenware and giftware. Visit us in store or call us on 01903 885566.

CO Alarm placement: what you need to know

wh3In the UK there are strict rules regarding carbon monoxide in order to protect you from dangerous gas leaks. If you have a wood-burning, multi-fuel stove, pellet or gas stove/fire in your home then please read on to ensure you stay safe at all times.

What the law says about detectors

According to law in the UK, any wood-burning stove installed after October 2010 must have a carbon monoxide detector installed alongside it under Document J of the Building Regulations. If your appliance was installed before this date, then you are not required to have one by law, but it is wise to do so.

Best practices for placement of detectors

The regulations state that the alarm must be located in the same room as your appliance. It must be placed at least 5 feet above the door, or on the ceiling. You should not place it too close to your appliance and keep it out the way of children and pets. Where possible you should install more than one detector on each floor of your home.

Why you need one

Carbon monoxide detectors are activated when carbon monoxide is detected in the air. Carbon monoxide is poisonous both in low levels of repeat exposure and in high levels of short term exposure. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, nausea, confusion, headaches and can be potentially fatal.

Final thoughts

Here at W&H Supplies all of our products are tested to the highest safety standards possible, however there are many outside events and variables that can occasionally lead to incomplete combustion which produces carbon monoxide. Quite often the culprit for carbon monoxide leaks is not in fact your appliance at all and is a problem with your chimney function – for example a problem with downdraft where smoke is released back into home. As well as regular chimney sweeping, you should make sure that your appliance is installed by a qualified and experienced fitter.

In the same way that you would always purchase a fire alarm, if you are considering any of these types of appliances then you should pick up a detector, which costs very little and could save your life one day. Most CO alarms last between 5 and 10 years. Once you purchase your alarm we recommend that you set a reminder to check it once-a-week to ensure that it is still working as it should.

W&H Supplies are the largest fireplace showroom in the south. Based near Arundel, West Sussex, we display over 250 fires and surrounds along with range cookers, accessories, mirrors, pictures, ornaments, kitchenware and giftware. Visit us in store or call us on 01903 885566.

Balanced Flues Vs Conventional Flues

wh4One of the most common questions that people have when buying a stove concerns the difference between flue types. Here we will explain some of the differences between balanced flues and conventional flues, so you can get to grips with them.

With the glowing warmth and natural heat from a stove comes combustion and gases. These gases need somewhere to escape, and this is where the flue comes in to action. Flues take smoke and gases away from the fire and are usually made from either steel, clay or concrete.

Balanced Flues

Balanced flues are used with gas stoves and fires and consist of two pipes, with one resting inside the other. The inside pipe serves the purpose of removing any waste gases outside your property, and the outer pipe draws in vital air from outside that is required for the combustion process to take place. The pipe may either run horizontally through an external wall or run vertically up through your roof depending on the appliance that you select.

When it comes to gas fires balanced flue fires are sealed from the room by a glass front, which means that care and regular servicing is needed in order to keep it from becoming scorched. These types of fires can also reach very high temperatures, so you need to ensure that the fire surround is suitable. However, balanced flue fires are extra-economical and with efficiencies upwards of 80% and are a great option if you have no fireplace or would like to have your stove placed somewhere other than the fireplace spot. They also come in a variety of styles and log or coal effects which create a beautiful focal point in your home.

Conventional flues

Conventional flues use natural circulation of heated air to take gases and combustibles away from the fire in a fireplace, boiler, or stove. Rather than being drawn from outside like a balanced flue, the air is drawn from around the appliance. Most homes with chimney’s in the UK will possess a conventional flue, which brings air up through the chimney and away. If you run a wood burning, multi-fuel or pellet fire then then you will need a conventional flue in order for it to function.


An alternative method to both conventional and balanced flues is to choose a completely flueless appliance. Today many appliances can be run from electric, bio-ethanol or gas either don’t emit any fumes or have built-in catalytic converters included which process them.

If you’re considering purchasing a new heating appliance for your home, then you should speak to experts to calculate exactly which type of flue would be most suited to your needs.

Here at W&H Supplies we stock a large number of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, including appliances from the likes of Aga, Barbas, Dovre Stoves, Jotul, Stovax, Yeoman Stoves and many others. Visit us in store or call us on 01903 885566 to find out more and discuss your available options.

Range Cooker spotlight: ESSE

When choosing a British made iron cooker there are plenty of options to choose from but one of the more popular brands in the UK is ESSE. A forward-thinking yet historic brand, we proudly display ESSE products and often invite their team to perform cooker demonstrations for our hungry customers! But how did it all begin for ESSE?

The Story of ESSE
ESSE has been a proud manufacturer of heating and cooking appliances since 1854, making them the UK’s longest serving stove manufacturer. Famed for their longevity, ESSE’s high-quality products are a result of the secret knowledge and insights handed down from engineer to engineer over the years.

Founded by a young Scottish man named James Smith, ESSE has served the public with reliable, user-friendly cookers for more than 150 years. Smith was just a teenager when he left Scotland to travel the United States. Whilst visiting Jackson, Mississippi, Smith set eyes upon an early prototype of cooking ranges and stoves and was instantly impressed.

Not only were these stoves able to combine cooking and heating, but they were far more efficient and clean when compared with the open fire cooking he had known back home. Returning to Scotland full of ideas, Smith began manufacturing his own range ovens at a foundry in Bonnybridge, Scotland. Teaming up with new business partners George Ure and Stephen Wellstood, they created the ‘Columbian Stove Works’ and chose ‘ESSE’ as the brand name – chosen simply because it ‘Sounded French’.

During its time, ESSE has provided cookers to some of the most famous people in history.  Scott and Shackleton taking ESSE stoves on their artic expeditions and Florence Nightingale requesting one for her hospital in Balaclava, Ukraine.

Today ESSE leads the way in efficient performance and quality design. Every product is thoroughly tested before it ships out and many of ESSE’s products are exempt from DEFRA rules of smoke control due to their build quality. ESSE has drawn from its rich heritage to not only build range cookers, but also cutting-edge wood burning stoves and modern gas fires.

To find out more out more about our wide selection of range cookers, call us on 01903 885566 or visit us in store at Meridian House, Ford Road, Ford, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BH.

Range Cooker spotlight: Rayburn

Fondly known for its reliability, Rayburns are one of the most popular options when it comes to range cookers and ovens. But, did you know Rayburn has been making stoves for decades?  Read on to learn more.

The Rayburn Story

In 1946 as the ashes settled on the Second World War, Britain had begun the process of rebuilding the nation and soldiers returned home to begin a new and more peaceful life. Out of this came a period of innovation and incidentally the birth of the Rayburn. A clever fusion of a cooker and a drinking water heater, the first Rayburn was invented by the team at Allied Ironfounders LTD at their factory in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire which had, but years earlier, been involved in the production of bombs, grenades and gun carriages for the war effort.

The Rayburn stood out immediately for its efficiency and reliability, praised for its freestanding legs which reduced wastage as they heated the appliance rather than the surrounding flooring and walls. It worked efficiently and reliably even in its early days, benefitting from freestanding legs which meant it heated the appliance rather than the surrounding flooring and walls.

It didn’t take long for the Rayburn to catch on and by the 1960’s they had quickly found a foothold in the UK marketplace. Before long, their factory was producing as many as 1500 ovens a week eventually influencing markets as far wide as South Africa and Melbourne. Rayburn also developed a strong trust and the farming community and even today is known as a ‘workhorse’ for its constant ability to provide heating, hot water and cooking for all.

Building on their classic designs and proud heritage, today’s Rayburns are made from 70% recycled materials making them a green choice for the warmer home. However, they continue to push boundaries with highly flexible and controllable programmes and sleek, forward-thinking designs. However, one thing remains – their combination of hot plates and ovens which make them perfect for every kind of cooking. 

For 65 years, the Rayburn has been crafted by skilled workers at their historic foundry in Coalbrookdale - one of the hotbeds of the industrial revolution.  While many of the industrial sites of the area have closed since, the Rayburn foundry endured and is now shared with AGA producing famous cookers and cookware that take up an important place in many homes around the world. 

To find out more out more about our wide selection of range cookers, call us on 01903 885566 or visit us in store at Meridian House, Ford Road, Ford, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BH.

5 reasons to choose an electric fire in 2018

clip_image002If you’re looking for a focal point that brings a cozy touch to your living room, then one of the first options you should consider is an electric fire. Electric fires are one of the more recent additions to the home-heating market and they have some key differences when compared with traditional fires or gas fires. Let’s look at some of the major reasons you should consider having one installed in your home, this year.

1 - Safety

First of all, one of the key reasons that people choose electric fires is that they are a safe option. Electric power is something most people feel very comfortable with and because of this they can feel more relaxed about choosing an electric fire over say a wood burner. An electric fire produces no smoke, or hot flames which means there are less dangers for you, and for any young children or pets that you may share your home with.

2 – Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, it doesn’t get much better than an electric fire. While you can’t beat the roaring crackle of a wood burner, there are many more variables at play and heat can be stifled. Factors such as the type of wood you use and how dry it is can all effect the process, whereas with an electric heater you can be confident that 100% of the energy used is being converted into heating up your home.

3 – Versatility

Another reason that people opt for electric fires is the versatility that they provide. With a wood or coal burning fireplace, there is no way to separate flames from heat – you can’t have one without the other. However, with an electric fire there are often various options for you to choose from such as low heat, high heat or even the beautiful glow of the flames with no heat at all for those warm summer nights.

4 – Maintenance

When compared with other heating options, electric fires are particularly low maintenance. Instead of sourcing firewood to keep your flames alive, you simply flick a switch. You also save on cleaning time and expense as there are no ash or embers and you don’t require the services of a chimney sweep.

5 – Installation

A final reason to choose an electric fire is that they can be installed quickly and without heavy costs attached. Open fireplaces and wood burners are fantastic heating options but if you are looking to save time or money then electric fireplaces provide less of a headache. Occasionally there may be some technical set ups needed, but quite often it’s simply a case of “plug-in-and-go”.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric fire and would like some tips and advice then please call us on 01903 885566 or visit us in store at Meridian House, Ford Road, Ford, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BH.

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