Stovax Features on Martin Roberts 'Home Rule' Radio Show

Stovax and Gazco’s Martyn Allen talks to
'Homes Under the Hammer’s' presenter on Virgin Radio

Associate Sales Director from Stovax, Martyn Allen, was featured on Martin Roberts’ Saturday morning home improvement programme ‘Home Rule’ on Virgin Radio’s Talk Radio. The interview was part of the programme’s A-Z segment where the Stovax Heating Group took the ‘F for Fireplaces’ slot. 

Martin (Roberts) began the interview by pointing out that in many of the homes that he has visited on Homes Under the Hammer, the existing fireplace tends to define the era of the house. This lead to an insight into the beginning of the industry of fireplace design, and what the future holds for the industry. 

 With over 20 years of experience in the heating industry, Stovax’s Martyn Allen helped listeners understand the benefits of each individual type of stove or fire from wood burners to gas and electric ranges.

Thanks go to Stovax 
for allowing us the use
of their content and images.

New Polo Freestanding Gas Stove

DRU announces new Polo freestanding gas stove

DRU has released a new addition to its collection of contemporary freestanding gas stoves.
Polo is an impressive 1 metre high stove with a square design, featuring a large glass viewing window and an authentic log fire display with high, realistic flames.
There is a choice of interior finishes in black or mirrored Ceraglass and Polo has a heat output of 4.1 kW, making it suitable for a variety of rooms around the home.
The balanced flue system of Polo means that it can be located anywhere in proximity to an outside facing wall, making it one of the most flexible gas fires in the DRU range.
And with versions available in natural gas or LPG, it is compatible with urban or rural properties.

Polo is now available from W & H Supplies.  Please phone 01903 885566 for further details

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January Sale

Farmington Ablington with Bellfires Vento Classic

Ex Display Model, can be shown working.
Balanced Flue Fire and Cotswold Surround
Can Only be Sold as Package & is Nat Gas
Fire and Surround Only (Flue Etc. Extra)

Was £6,218,      Now £3,109

 OER Large Cairngorm Surround in Natural Oak

Was £607    Now £455

Dru Grace Suite with Global 70 Balanced Flue Fire

Ex Showroom Display (not as shown)
Ex Display Version can be Shown Working
Balanced Flue Fire & Limestone Surround
Flue Parts etc. Not Included
Natural Gas Fire (not LPG)
Can Only be Sold as a Package

Was £3735
Now £2802

Dru Global 60 Triple 

Ex Showroom Display - can be seen working
Balanced Flue Fire with Plasterboard Trim
Natural Gas Only
Flue Parts Etc. Not Included
Sold as is

Was £2,855
Now £1,200

Bellfires Freebell Gas Fire

Ex Display, Wall Mounted Gas Fire, can be seen working
Balanced Flue, Natural Gas Only, Flue Parts Etc. not Included

Was £3374,   Now £1,687

Dru Global Beau

Ivory Painted, Natural Gas, Log Effect Gas Stove
Straight Out of the Box!
No Flue Parts Etc. Included

Was £1440,    Now £1080

Gazco Huntingdon 20, Gas Stove

Huntingdon 20 Gas Stove with Tracery Door
Newest Addition to the Huntingdon Family
Stove Only, Flue Parts Etc. Not Included
Complete Huntingdon Family Can be Seen on Display
Huntingdon 20 Ex Display Stove

Was £1399,   Now £924

Flamerite Milan Electric Suite

Ex Display, Free Standing Electric Suite
With Heat - 1 and 2 kW
Dimmer on Light Effect
Remote Control
Surround in Stone Paint Effect

Was £792,    Now £495

Flamerite Corello Mirror Electric Fire

Ex Display, Corello Mirror Fire
No Extras Included but other fire beds are available at extra cost
Remote Control
Hidden Heater with 1 and 2kW Output

Was £616,    Now £350

Evonic Westfield Electric Wall Mounted Fire

 Was £998    Now £750

Celsi Renaissance Electric Fire

Hang on Wall Retro Fire

Was £409    Now £100

Chesney's Wood Burning Stoves

Milan 6
Was £1,620    Now £1,200
Salisbury 4
Was £876    Now £657
Milan 4
Was £1,350    Now £1,013
Shoreditch 5
Was £1,254    Now £941

Nordpeis X25 WoodBurning Cassette
With Kobe Surround

Nordpeis X25 Wood Burning Cassette with Kobe Surround
Ex Display, Sold as is, i.e. Without Flue Parts Etc.

Was £2,890,     Now £750

Stovax Stockton 5 Midline Multi Fuel Stove

Ex Display - Not as Picture

Was £929,   Now  £500

Jotul F373 Wood Burner

Ex Display - Not as Picture

Was £2239.50,    Now £1,120

AGA Hanwood Wood Burning Stove

Ex Display - Not as Picture

Was £1,575,    Now £999

AGA Ellesmere 6 Multi Fuel Stove

Was £1,695,    Now £995

AGA Ludlow Multi Fuel Stove

Was £1,225,    Now £995

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