5 Important Reasons to Use Seasoned Wood in your Wood Burner

It might seem like a bit of a chore to have to season your wood but here are 5 reasons why burning seasoned wood is not only better for your wood burner but also your health, your pocket and your surroundings.


#1 It’s more efficient

Did you know 10kg of unseasoned wood could contain up to 6 litres of water? To get the most heat out of your wood burner, manufacturers recommend moisture levels of less than 20%.

#2 It’s better for your appliance

blog3logWater vapour driven off during the combustion process will travel up the chimney together with flue gasses, and when cooled may form nasty combustion fluids, known as creosote.

#3: It prevents air pollution

Wet wood not only fouls your chimney but also increases air pollution. Season your wood adequately for the cleanest and safest burn.

#4: It’s less harmful to you

Burning green, or wet wood, will produce significantly more smoke than seasoned wood will. Storing wet wood inside your home is a recipe for disaster, not only can wood harbour pests but moisture can encourage mould growth, causing problems for those with respiratory conditions (e.g., asthma.)

#5: It saves you money

Aside from fines for burning waste, organic seasoned wood can save you money by reducing your overall wood consumption by up to 25%.

If these reasons aren’t enough to persuade you, then you could always consider purchasing your wood stock pre-dried from a reputable supplier.


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