What not to burn in your multi-fuel stove or wood burner

It’s so important that you fuel your fire the right way. Burning the wrong kinds of materials can cause damage to your burner, your health and the environment.


It’s easy for waste to accumulate over the year, and burning it can often seem like a cost effective way of getting rid of unwanted clutter. But by burning materials KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAlike plastic, cardboard and styrofoam, you could be filling the air with unnatural poisons such as arsenic and chlorine which could harm your health and also do damage to the environment.

Wet wood

You should try to avoid burning wet wood, as not only is it less economic to burn but it could also damage your stove, causing a nasty build up of dangerous residues inside your chimney. Wood that has been exposed to salt-water should also be avoided where possible as it can release highly corrosive gases when burned.

Treated wood

Never use pressure-treated or painted wood to fuel your wood burner. Wood that is treated with varnishes or sealants, like old wardrobes and desks, are likely to release harmful chemicals when you set fire to them.

Manufactured board

Never use manufactured boards, like MDF, chipboard or plywood as fuel. They create poisonous gases like formaldehyde which are formed when heat reacts with phenolic glues and they also make a foul smell.

Natural Heat

Use your common sense when it comes to sourcing fuel. If you season your own wood, you can guarantee there won’t be any mysterious chemicals or nasty surprises when you burn it. Learn how to season wood yourself or purchase it already pre-dried from a reputable supplier.

Natural well seasoned wood will keep you warm and provide a friendly, healthy and cost effective way of heating-up your home.

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