Living off-the-grid with a multi-fuel stove

Thanks to the falling cost of renewable technologies, more and more people are finding cheaper, greener ways to fuel their homes - but how can a multi-fuel stove help?

The green benefit

clip_image001Environmentally, it is much better to fuel your home with wood products than it is to do it with fossil fuels. Not only do fossil fuels harm the earth but they are also running out and will only become more expensive with time. Wood heat is carbon neutral, meaning that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when burned is equal to the amount that the tree absorbs during its lifespan.

The financial benefit

As we explained in our last article as much as £650 a year could be saved by switching from your existing heating system to solid fuels. And what’s more, there are many government schemes which can help with installation fees. Solar panels, ground and water pumps, biomass boilers and pellet stoves are all covered under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive which is designed to encourage greener living in the UK.

Away from the gas grid

Some people have no access to gas heating in the first place; if your property is situated outside the gas network then you could stand to make huge savings by supplementing electric heating with a wood burner.

Well-designed wood burning stoves will burn at a high temperature which increases their efficiency, saves you money on fuel and does even less damage to the environment. WH Supplies stock a number of different models of multi-fuel stoves to help you on the road to self sufficiency.

For further information read our article titled ‘Cut your energy by switching to solid fuels’.

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