Choosing a fireplace surround

Fireplaces can make a huge difference to a living space bringing it to life through a warming glow – but if you’re fireplace leaves you feeling uninspired then a fire surround can be an easy way to update it. Fireplace surrounds come in a range of styles, as we explain in this blog.

Natural stone fireplace surrounds

Natural stone fireplaces offer a cool, bold finish that offers a unique contrast to the warm glow of a fire. Usually made from natural materials, they are low maintenance and often feature special designs that range from the simple traditional to the modern and minimalistic.


Marble fireplace surrounds

One of the biggest attractions to marble fireplace surrounds is its durability. With timely care, Marble can last for decades and is totally fireproof. Marble fireplaces can nicely complement more elaborate fireplaces and will have a big impact on visitors.


Wooden fireplace surrounds

With a nice decorative touch, wooden fire surrounds offer a different aesthetic to other styles of fire surrounds. Natural tones of wood grain can bring a cosier feel to your living room than the solid colours of marble and stone. Lighter grains of wood will have a less ‘formal’ look than heavier, darker grains. The relative softness of wood compared to marble and stone means you can still pin up those Christmas stockings come the holiday season.


Get good advice

When choosing a fireplace surround it’s important to consider the style of your home, for example how a traditional wooden surround might look in an ultra modern styled house.

It’s important to find a surround that suits the interior design of your living space. You should seek advice from a specialist who can give you tips on which materials for a surround will compliment your home.

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