Why buy an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces offer all the same comforts as a wood burning stove, without the added upkeep and extra mess - but what other reasons are there for purchasing one?


Create a focal point

Glowing warmth, character and atmosphere are all words that spring to mind when we think about fireplaces. Often, fireplaces will become the central feature of a room, transforming even the dullest of spaces into a more hospitable habitat through a fiery focal point.

Add value to your home

Where older electric and gas fireplaces can be somewhat unsightly, today’s fireplaces are sure to add character to any home. The realistic flames, burning logs and beautiful designs of modern electric fires can actually add value to you property.

Safety first

Although log inserts and flames can look very realistic, no real flame is actually produced by an electric fire so if you have children they can be a great heating solution. They can also be switched on and off and many have self timers so they turn on and off when required.clip_image002

Save money

If you’re looking to save a few extra pennies this year then installing an electric fireplace can help you in your quest. By turning your central heating down and using an electric fireplace to add some extra warmth to your living room, you’ll isolate your heating output to one area and save real money on your energy bills.

Electric fireplaces can be enjoyed through all four seasons, especially in the summer when you can savour the flame effect without the heat and then in the winter months when you can escape the cold by cozying up to your fully-heated fire.

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