Chimney safety tips

If you have an open fire or a stove that operates with a chimney then there are a few basic safety tips that you need to follow in order to keep your home heated safely.

Spotting the signs of a chimney fire

Chimney fires are often the result of build ups of soot or creosotes which catch a-flame as the temperature of your fire rises. As you might expect, chimney fires can be very destructive so you should familiarise yourself with some of the key warning signs so that if it happens you can act fast:

  • clip_image002A noticeable smell from adjoining rooms
  • Smoke in adjoining rooms
  • A loud, ferocious roaring noise
  • Vibrations from your heating appliance, outlet or connector
  • Glowing of your appliance, outlet or connector
  • Sparks and flames shooting from your chimney top

If you notice any of these signs then you should act fast and call the fire brigade. If you have a house that is covered in thatch or your chimney is close to wooden beams or other flammable materials, the bricks of your chimney will reach very high temperatures and could cause them to ignite.

What’s the best way to prevent chimney fires?

To understand how best to reduce the risk of a chimney fire we need to first look at the root causes. The most common reasons for chimney fires include:

1) A lack of regular sweeping and cleaning

Your chimney should be regularly swept to remove any debris or leftover bi-products of the combustion process.

2) Improper appliance sizing

The appliance used should be the right size for the room it is used in. Speak to an expert if you are unsure and make sure you have it fitted by a HETAS approved technician.

3) Burning unseasoned wood

You should only burn wood with moisture content below 20%, as not only will it burn more efficiently but it also lessens the chance of a build up of creosotes.

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