How to make your home more energy efficient

It’s simple really, make your home more energy efficient and you will save on your bills, make your home warmer and reduce your impact on the environment. Here are five ways you can get started.

Reducing your energy consumption

One way to really make an impact on your bills and your footprint is to consider the amount of waste that occurs in your home, let’s take a look at some ways you can cut your usage and your costs in each room of the house.


In the kitchen

One of the biggest culprits for wastage is water but there are some easy ways to remedy this for example, using only the amount of water you need in your kettle could save as much as 2.5 pence a day and using a washing up bowl to do your dishes can save around 5p a day.

Dripping taps can drive you mad but they can also make a serious dent in your pocket over time and you can save around 15 litres of water a day by fixing one.

You should also try and make the most of your washes, as by filling your machine full with clothes before you use it could save you up to 2.5p per wash.

Fill up your fridge and freezers and defrost them occasionally to get the most efficient use out of them.

In the living room

Leaving computers and televisions on standby are a prime example of unnecessary wastage of electricity and can cost you up to £40 a year.

Mobile phone and other gadget chargers still use energy even when they aren’t plugged in, so remove them when not in use.

Big TV’s use lots more energy and as such will cost more money to run, however LCD and CRT versions are more economical than plasmas.

Supplementing your heating with a wood-burner or multi-fuel stove could save you up to £880 a year when compared with electrical heating systems. You can read more about the benefits of multi-fuel stoves & burners here

In the bathroom

Leaving taps running during our daily routine can waste massive amounts of water. You should only run the tap for the very minimum time you need to, for example to rinse your toothbrush.

Water saving devices can be used to cut the amount of water you use when flushing the toilet.

In the bedroom

If you want to reduce your energy consumption then it’s important to heat your home wisely, leaving heating on overnight while you are asleep can be a waste of resources. Use the timer on your system to avoid wasting heat while you are asleep.

Although wooden floors and blinds can be stylish alternatives to carpets and thick curtains, they won’t hold in as much heat.

Try and charge your mobiles and laptops in the day, for example while you are in the shower, rather than leaving them plugged in over-night. Not only can this help you conserve energy but it can also protect your appliances as constant charging when full can damage battery life.

Other areas

Solar panels are increasing in popularity, most likely because they can save up to 50% on water heating bills. You can find out more about the benefits of solar panels and how they can generate cheap and green electricity on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Significant amounts of heat can be lost through the roof of your home if there is a lack of proper insulation. The materials for insulation can be obtained cheaply and can help to lock in warmth.

Multi-fuel heating systems can save you as much as £880 a year when compared with electric heating. Here at W & H Supplies we stock a large number of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, including appliances from the likes of Aga, Austro Flamm, Barbas, Chesney’s, Dovre Stoves, Rocal, Stovax and Yeoman Stoves. Visit us in store or call us on 01903 885566 to find out more.

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