ESSE Fire Stone – wood fired cooking outside of the kitchen

Here at W & H Supplies we love nothing more than a good barbeque, and in the summer months there are few things that are quite as enjoyable as gathering friends and family around the grill and tucking into some delicious meaty (or non meaty) treats. However, one downside to cooking on a barbeque is that you are limited in the range of dishes you can cook which is why we are so excited about the ESSE Fire Stone.

clip_image002Where traditionally wood fired cooking has been the preserve of bakers and pizza makers, the fire stone from ESSE allows owners to bake, roast, braise and char grill dishes to perfection within their own back garden, providing an exciting and flavoursome alternative to the traditional barbecue which is certain to have the neighbours peering over their hedges.

How does it work?

With a stylish design and flames that are visible through the looking glass, the ESSE Firestone is a magnificent centre piece for any garden and is packed full of exciting features.

With a weather proof exterior it won’t get damaged by the rain and its 360 degree swivel feature means that you can simply turn it around if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction when you’re trying to get the flames burning.

Speed is everything with this oven and not only can it quickly reach temperatures of over 550 degrees due to its specialised design, extended flue and custom lining, but it also comes readily assembled so you can get cooking as soon as you get home.

Simply start off by lighting some kindling and dry logs in the centre of your oven and around an hour later your oven will have reached optimum temperature. All that’s left to do then is prepare your chosen dish, push the burning embers to the back of the oven and place your dish on the oven floor.

What kind of food can you cook in a wood burning outdoor oven?

clip_image004Where traditional barbeques are often restricted in the types of foods that you can successfully cook, an ESSE Fire Stone is extremely versatile. You can cook fish, meat, vegetables and roasts all to perfection and with an authentic wood fired taste that you wouldn’t get from a normal oven. The high temperatures allow you to cook your food quickly; however the door can also be positioned half open to allow for a slower, gentler cook.

Key features:
  • Wood fired cooking outdoors
  • Viewing glass to enjoy flames and monitor cooking progress
  • Brick lined chamber which can reach temperatures over 550 degrees
  • Heavy duty steel stand with 360 degree swivel feature
  • Weather proof insulated exterior shell constructed from GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete)
  • Extended flue pipe to reduce smoke
  • Pizza peel, pan, wire brush, oven gloves and apron included
  • Optional side shelves
  • 2 –year warranty

Optional features and accessories to enhance the ESSE Fire Stone include side shelves, steel log guards, rotating bases, weather covers, wire racks and barbeque grills. To find out more about the ESSE Firestone please visit us in our showroom or call us on 01903 885566.

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