Welcoming in the summer with ESSE’s Fire Stone

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I had some fun yesterday, it was the first day of summer and the first time this year that I have used the ESSE Firestone!

As always, it was brilliant. It was a reasonable day for it but I don’t mind whether it’s raining or beautiful sunshine – any weather is the weather for cooking on the Firestone!

I had a chat with Daniel Blewitt of ESSE Cookers and Stoves after our Cooker Demonstration last Thursday (next one is Thursday 14th July from 1PM – 4PM – don’t miss it!) and he had cooked some amazing Pork! So, I asked him how we could adapt the recipe to cook on the ESSE Firestone. Neither of us had a clue as to whether it would work as the temperatures in the Firestone can be quite extreme, but after this weekend’s experiment it just goes to prove how versatile the Firestone is, it is quite easy to hold the temperature between 280°c and 300°c with the help of some kitchen thermometer gadgetry! Which we happen to sell here at W & H Supplies!

Well – all I can say (and my family second it!) is that Dan Blewitt’s Perfect Pork is a total hit! Here is how to cook it and if you don’t happen to have a Firestone either come in and buy one (number one option of course!) or it can easily be adapted into a normal oven and I am sure that Dan will be popping his recipe, suitably adapted for an ESSE range cooker on ESSE’s web site.


Salt your Pork joint over night, we chose a fillet end leg, scored and tied. Give it a good wash the next day. Smother with honey and cover in thyme underneath and place inside a roasting dish. Place thyme on top (I added a bit of pepper too!).

Fill your tray 1/3 of the height of the meat, with cider – I chose some good old Scrumpy! Place greaseproof paper over the top but only if you are using an oven – it’s a bit of a failure if you do this in the Firestone as it burns and you have to scrape it off! (so says the voice of experience!) put a baking tray on top to press it down (I still don’t quite get this bit but my Pork came out very juicy and Dan said to do it – so do it!!), then pop another roasting dish over the top, same size as the dish the pork is in, this will seal the Pork in a nice little oven to put in the oven. I cooked my huge joint for about an hour covered and then half an hour uncovered. I used a meat thermometer to check when it had come up to temperature rather than using any kind of timing!!

Hey presto – yummy crunchy crackling and succulent juicy, very tasty pork. Don’t believe me? See the photos below for evidence!

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- Charly Wright

General Manager

W&H Supplies

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