The Inconvenient Truth or The Misinformed Reader?

How many of you read the following article in the Daily Mail this Saturday?  Did it get you wondering whether looking into having a wood burner installed was the right thing to do?  Has it scaremongered  you away from purchasing that wood burner  you have always wished for?   Perhaps you should be playing it safe and choosing an electric stove instead or perhaps just placing a ghastly dried flower arrangement in your fireplace opening?

STOP!  Don't Panic!

That’s why we at W & H Supplies are here!  To help give you the complete picture, the vast options that are there waiting for you.... and yes!  You can still safely have that wood burner you always wanted thanks to the expert manufacturers that we have the pleasure of being your sole, expert dealer for.

So firstly, the link to the Daily Mail article: Mail Online

And now time for a few ideas!  These are just some of our suggestions - we can of course discuss far more with you face to face in the showroom, looking through brochures, showing you working product whilst drinking a nice cup of coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

1.  The Stovax Elise.  

Stovax has always strived to create products that minimise environmental impact. Their advanced clean burning stoves and fires have been the result of over 34 years of experience and development, with the majority of their products designed to operate in smoke control areas.

But producing DEFRA exempt appliances is only the beginning. The real challenge is to create environmentally friendly products that not only comply with local restrictions, but also pave the way for a global, sustainable future. With this in mind, Stovax have developed the Elise as a fully compliant Eco-Design fire – way ahead of the 2022 mandatory EU particulate emission levels. Not content just to achieve the proposed emission reductions, Stovax have created an ultra-green fire that goes far beyond them.

Featuring an advanced combustion system, the Elise is able to reduce particulate emissions to an absolute minimum, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fires on the market.

2.  The Chesney Milan 4 Passive

The Milan 4 Series Passive incorporates all the usual features that have come to be associated with a Chesney's stove, offering an efficiency rating of 80%, smoke exempt status and outstanding build and design quality.  Additionally, the Milan can be installed in unusually close proximity to combustible material enabling its use in situations where other stoves cannot be used.

The performance, efficiency and versatility that the Milan 4 Series Passive stove offers is further enhanced by an entirely unique feature. The growing requirement for efficient energy conservation in new house building is well documented and in response to this both house builders and buyers are exploring the air tight option. Building regulations now prescribe that new build houses must achieve air permeability of no more than 5 cubic metres. The Milan 4 Passive makes a unique contribution to this process as it is the only stove independently tested that can be safely installed in an air tight environment.

Using a dedicated external air supply to the stove, fresh air is automatically introduced to create a curtain of air that seals the stove chamber when the door is opened for re-fuelling. In independent tests the stove door remained open for up to three minutes and during this period emissions of only 2 parts per million of carbon monoxide were recorded. By contrast when re-fuelling of a conventional stove takes place carbon monoxide emissions into the room are completely unchecked.

As an alternative to these wood fired suggestions (and just two of many wood burning, low emission, clean burn appliances that we have to offer you), why not take a look at gas?  If you don’t have mains gas why not take a look at LPG?  Either 19kg or 47kg bottles on a hard standing will suffice to run a very realistic looking log effect gas fired stove.

Creating a centrepiece in your home has never been easier with a Gazco gas stove.

Inspired by its solid fuel counterpart, their selection of contemporary and traditionally styled gas stoves are available in a range of colours, sizes and either log or coal effects.

No chimney?  Don't worry, Gazco offer most of their stoves as a balanced flue option so as long as you have an outside wall, you can have a beautiful Gazco stove as your focal point.

These highly efficient gas stoves are available as manual control or can be upgraded to remote control versions giving you maximum enjoyment at the touch of a button.

ESSE gas stoves are hand-built in Britain and offer many features such as impressive energy efficiency, sophisticated styling, quality and craftsmanship second to none.

ESSE Stoves are available with remote control , just sit back and relax whilst lighting your stove from the comfort of your chair!

ESSE also offer a range of flueless gas stoves.  Using catalytic technology - giving 100% efficiency

Whichever style you choose, you’ll enjoy a realistic log effect and flame pattern that gives the look and feel of a contemporary woodburner.

The Daily Mail are correct in saying that wood burners can be bad for the environment; old wood burners using old technology, new wood burners fitted incorrectly, any wood burner used wrongly - they are all bad for the environment.  If you really want a wood burner because you want to enjoy the flames, you don’t want a lot of trouble trying to light it and use it, you want to help the environment and you don’t want to “add to an ever thickening cloud of smog” as reported by the Daily Mail, then don’t cut corners, buy a HETAS Approved Appliance, buy a Clean Burn appliance, ask what the emissions are, burn the proper fuel and always use the appliance as it has been intended and as per the manufacturers instructions.

We, here at W & H Supplies are proud to be a HETAS Approved Retailer as well as a HETAS Approved Installer, we can give you all of the information that you require to help you make an informed purchase so come in and see one of our experienced sales staff.

Don’t forget, we are GasSafeRegistered too - with a huge array of gas fires and stoves on live display - we can talk you through all of your options, whether you require LPG or don’t have a chimney - our experienced sales staff are sure to have something that will suit your situation!

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