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Trying to carry out routine maintenance on your Stovax Stove or Fire but don't know where to start?  You are a competent and practical person but your common sense is telling you not to touch without instruction on how to do so?  Well now you have an expert at hand showing you virtually face to face how to replace a rope seal on your stove or clean the dirty glass on your fire!  Stovax and Gazco and proud to give you the new / site!
This website is designed to aid you in keeping your wood burning, multifuel or gas stove or fire in good order. / cover areas such as choosing good wood for burning, how to clean your woodburning or multifuel stove glass or the inside of the glass of your gas fire, to operating the features of your remote control handset and lots, lots more! / have been designed specifically with the user in mind, the videos are easy to navigate and have the option to watch in High Definition.  Being able to pause whenever you like, you can of course carry out the work or try the functions of the appliances at the same time as watching the very easy to follow videos.


This is an amazingly informative part of ESSE's web site..... 

Everything you could possibly need to know that you can do yourself, from maintenance videos showing you how to adjust your door handle and carry out routine maintenance on your stove or range cooker, through to online recipes compiled by Gill Meller, River Cottages' Head Chef and video tutorials showing how step by step how to make them.

ESSE TV is YOUR video resource for ALL things ESSE!  From River Cottage Cottage Recipes to TV Adverts, Maintenance Videos and Everything In Between!

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4 reasons to oven bake your own bread

In a recent survey of the British people, it was discovered that there is one smell that we love more than anything else. No, not freshly cut grass, coffee, or even Bacon! The smell in question was in fact freshly baked bread. In fact, such is the allure of the smell that many Estate Agents have begun to encourage home owners to bake fresh bread in their range cookers on a viewing day if a home is struggling to sell!

1 - Value for money
While it is certainly easy to find cheap bread, you tend to get what you pay for.  Fresh artisan bakery bread will be full of flavour and texture, but it’s not something most people can afford to purchase every day. While supermarket and shop-bought bread is often more affordable but lacks the quality to satisfy real bread snobs.  Once you get the hang of it, baking your own bread can save some precious pennies. 

2 - Health is wealth
Have you ever looked at the packaging on an item in the supermarket and been baffled? Many of the ingredients on processed foods are unfamiliar and some are a struggle to even pronounce. More often than not these types of mysterious ingredients are preservatives and additives. They make your bread taste a particular way and last a long time but there are concerns about the health risks associated with them. However, this homogeneous approach isn’t to everyone’s tastes.  When you make your own bread you know exactly what goes into it, and while it might not last as long as shop bought bread – it will taste fantastic.

3 - A tasty treat
While shop bread can taste flat and predictable, homemade bread is anything but.  As you make it yourself it’s always going to look a little different, but those unique variations just add to the charm. Homemade bread is perfect for sandwiches, soups, burgers – well anything you’d use normal bread for – but with a far superior taste.

4 - Its fun!
Finally, the act of making your own bread is a great source of entertainment.  Getting your hands dirty kneading dough is a great way to take out some mid-week frustration. It can be enjoyed with friends, family or simply alone with your thoughts and there are so many different types of bread to try your hand at. Bored of basic loafs? Try your hand at a chillicheese cornbread or a traditional Irishsoda bread (link to: ) recipe next time!

Do you enjoy baking your own bread? Tweet us at @WHsupplies with a photo of your latest oven baked efforts! 
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