3 unusual pancake recipes you need to try!

While Pancake Day might be the most popular time of year to crack some eggs and dig out the maple syrup, they can make a great breakfast treat all year long. Pancakes are a quick and easy to make dish which you can make taste delicious in a whole variety of different ways. Here we’ve picked out three particularly unusual recipes that are guaranteed to get your mouth watering!

 #1 - Apple pie pancakes 

This recipe combines two of our favourite things – apple pie & pancakes! This recipe uses cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of cloves, vanilla and maple syrup to bring together a wonderful apple pie ‘flavour profile’. Click here to view the full recipe.

#2 - Blueberry and Pecan ‘Bread pudding’ pancake 

This dish combines a classic bread and butter pudding recipe with succulent blueberries and traditional pancakes with a deliciously decadent end result. This recipe is simple, serves six people and is a perfect candidate for your range cooker.

#3 - One-Cup Mexican Brunch Pancakes 

Here’s a delicious one for you savoury pancake fans. A Mexican take on an all-day breakfast with feta cheese, avocado, streaky bacon, coriander and hot sauce. Click here to see the full recipe via Jamie Oliver.

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