An introduction to smokeless fuels

In our recent article we took a look at some of the environmental benefits of multi-fuel stoves. One particular fuel source that is not only friendly to the environment but also cost effective is smokeless fuels, which we will look at in greater detail in this blog post.

The hidden benefits of range cookers

As you may know from reading our blog, range cookers can revolutionise your cooking.  While many people think that choosing a range cooker is purely for aesthetics, or because it’s fashionable, the truth is that the style aspect is just a bonus on top of everything else.

Cast iron cooking utilises a unique type of heat that is very different to a conventional fan oven. In your typical fan oven, the cooking is done mostly through air circulation with very little heat retained in the implement itself. However, with a range cooker the lion’s share of the heat is retained in the cast iron wall of your cooker.  In practice this means that your food can benefit from richer flavour and is less likely to be burned, meaning you can afford to be more liberal with your cooking times.  It’s also an incredibly versatile piece of kit with lots of clever options like simmering ovens or plates, boiling plates, baking ovens and roasting ovens. This allows you greater freedom in what you cook and how you cook it.

Outside of cooking though, there are many other benefits of having a range cooker. One of them is all the added heat that you can bring to your home. As range cookers are constantly on, they can add an underlying heat in your home that keeps it warm through winter. Traditionally this is why they have been so popular in the countryside where homes are more likely to be detached, however this is an attitude that is beginning to change as technology adapts.  

Where in the past, the constant heat of a range cooker would put some homeowners, particularly city dwellers, off buying one, it’s no longer a sticking point as many of today’s range cookers can be easily switched off.

Beyond just keeping your home nice and toasty with a constant warm glow, many range cooker owners find their cookers are helpful in other ways. You can use the heat to dry out and sterilise kitchen towels and even your clothes with the help of a clothes horse or hangers strategically positioned to make use of the heat. You can even use the boiling and simmering plates to fold and iron clothes if you want to.

The newer models of brands like AGA, Rayburn and ESSE allow for a whole host of opportunities that the range cookers of old did not. Some feature new and exciting adaptations, some run on different forms of fuels and others are super slim lined to fit in small kitchens. However, one thing has not changed and that is their durability. Range cookers are built to last and are a great investment for the future.

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