Range Cooker spotlight: AGA

When it comes to our kitchens AGA is among the most iconic brands that springs to mind. Beloved by homeowners throughout the UK (and further afield), AGA’s are a show-stopping centrepiece and a multi-faceted delight for chefs. Here, we will shine some light on AGA’s beginnings and how they became an integral part of hundreds of thousands of kitchens throughout Britain.

AGA’s creator, Gustaf Dale was a Swedish born Nobel Prize winner. The same year that he won his Nobel Prize (1922) Gustaf was sadly blinded in an accident when a bulb he was testing for an automatic flashing lighthouse exploded, injuring him in the process.

Now blind and spending much more time at home, Gustaf was shocked and appalled at the amount of time his wife Elma seemed to have to dedicate to cooking his food – constantly watching over whatever was cooking. He recognised that there must be a more time efficient way to cook and despite his injuries became determined to find a solution.

Dedicating his energies and considerable skills to this pursuit, Gustaf began to develop a cooking stove that needed far less attention when cooking. The very same year that Gustav won a Nobel Prize and was robbed of his eyesight he finished his first AGA range cooker. An all-in-one cooker/water heater and laundry dryer that was quickly put into production with the first commercially available solid-fuel AGA with a black top and white front panels introduced to Britain in 1929.

Somewhat of a revolution among kitchen owners, AGA quickly became a staple part of the British kitchen. It’s heavy iron castings, which retain heat incredibly well leading many owners to proclaim that not only was cooking easier and less time intensive but also that their food had better flavour and texture – a claim which still holds weight today and makes AGA one of the most popular ovens in Europe.

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