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A beginner’s guide to Induction Hobs

One of the biggest changes in our kitchens in the past 20 years has been the introduction of induction hobs. Not only do they look fantastic, but they can also be more efficient and safer than over forms of cooking. Continually gaining in popularity, induction chefs are used by Michelin star chefs and home cookers alike – here we offer a breakdown of how they work and why they might be of interest to you.

How do they work?
When it comes to induction hobs the key point to understand is that it is your cooking pot, not the cooking top that is the source of the heat. The induction burner is made up of a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil underneath it. When activated electrical current passes through the coil which generates a fluctuating magnetic field without added heat on the burner.

If you use an iron pan on the burner then the magnetic field creates small electric currents in the pan. As both iron and steel are poor conductors, much of that energy is converted – into heat. This makes for more efficient cooking and less wastage. It also allows for a better overall cook in which the food you are cooking is more evenly heated, with less chance of scorching any remainders.

However, you must always use iron, cast-iron, or stainless-steel pans and avoid copper or aluminium which are better conductors of electricity and therefore no good for use on an induction hob. This shouldn’t mean that you must replace your entire cookware set as many of your pans may be more suitable than you might initially have thought. To check, simply apply a magnet to the bottom of your pan – if it sticks then you can use it on your induction cooker.

Another popular reason for choosing an induction hob is that of safety. If you have a busy household with young children or pets, then you may be concerned about the dangers of real flames. However, with induction cooking the cooktop doesn’t get hot, it’s the pans that get hot, so little fingers and paws have less chance of getting burned.

Are you interested in induction hobs after reading our blog? Our team at W&H Supplies are always happy to advise on all the best cooking technology available and would love to find a kitchen solution that works for you. To find out more call us on 01903 885566 or visit us in store at Meridian House, Ford Rd, Ford, Arundel BN18 0BH.

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